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Eat Well With Mir is a space for realistic wellness. I speak to young women who are ready to build healthy habits for good. These women are tired of the quick fixes and wellness nonsense touted by celebrities, and they’re ready to find real health and body confidence while still enjoying delicious food.


If you’re a health-focused brand looking to collaborate, I’d love to connect! I have over 5 years of experience in marketing, public relations and communications. And as a current nutrition and dietetics student, I pride myself on providing realistic, evidence-based nutrition information with a focus on enjoyment and sustainability.


Ways we can work together:


  • Social media and marketing consulting 

  • Nutrition communication services

  • Event and trade show attendance 

  • Brand partnerships


If this sounds like a good fit or if you have other ideas you’d like to discuss, please contact me at eatwellwithmir@gmail.com. I look forward to connecting!

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